The Sheridan Triangle Garden was started in the 1980s with the help of volunteers and donations; since that time, the stewardship of the garden has passed through many hands and has undergone many changes as the neighborhood itself has developed.

The Shack at Sheridan Triangle GardenTwo things have remained constant: the "Shack", which, at the northeast corner, is an old CTA building from the 1920s and is used as a supply shed and is often decorated with holiday lights depending on the season; and second, the support and care by local residents and businesses — thanks to them, the Garden continues to thrive.

Sheridan Triangle Garden DedicationIn order to maintain the Garden’s tradition of adding color and community to the neighborhood, our goal (with the help of Alderman James Cappleman) is to continue to attract donations and volunteers from more and more local citizens and business alike.

Our Garden Plan is an ambitious project, depending on the help of volunteers, donations from concerned citizens, and financial support of corporate sponsors. Please click on the image below for a detailed PDF of the Master Garden Plan.

Sheridan Triangle Garden master plan